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With any luck, \"Stylish Peril\" will resume its once-held regularity. I\'ve been lazy, but I\'ll try not to be so.

In other news, readers may look forward to a posted interview with Chicago-based performance artist/animator/many-other-things Zea Barker (a. k. a. \"Bony Lil\"). That will develop as it develops.

How an awful day was averted by a change of shirt


I woke up today later than I’d intended. I was supposed to meet Rigel, Gingy and Kristina around 7.20 in order to shoot the last scene for our Mass Comm project before I had to return the camera 1st period. It was cold out, so I put on a hoodie that I haven’t worn in about two years, wearing it now only because I seem to have lost the one that I really really like, and left my house around 7.10. As I was getting to school, I checked the time, and I’d made good time.

But of all things, I forgot my camera. So I went back home, even passing Rigel and having to explain to her that I left the camera and deciding then and there that the scene we had meant to film that morning wasn’t even necessary. It was like the walk of shame, but less sexy. Walking home, I was certain the day would not fare well.

I walked in the door and decided I looked like a tool in that now-seldom-worn hoodie, so I took it off. “But what to wear in the cold weather now?” I thought while packing up the camera. The peacoat is too big for me now, and I don’t feel like digging through my drawers…

And then my eyes fell on one of two white button-up shirts, this one in particular owing to its relative lack of wrinkles. Perfect. Simple, but perfect.

And with my questionable taste in cold-weather clothes melted my pessimism of the day. I kicked a reasonable amount of ass in each of my classes today, I am happy to say. I feel more confident and able to tackle whatever work is in front of me today.

Also I talked to Rhian, and I miss her. 😀

With any luck I’ll be seeing her this week. With any luck I’ll have a good week.

Last week was an insanely good week, so I hope to repeat it.

Also yaaaay new blog!


Busking: A Chronicle (Part One: A Lonely Silver Bowl)


Tomorrow afternoon, at a time of day I’ve not yet ascertained, I am going to take my slightly beaten-up, dolphin-clad ukulele to some sidewalk in Hanover. I’m going to place a small tarnished silver bowl in front of me. I’m going to breathe. Deeply. Read more…

People On The Streets


On Friday evening I went home full of excitement, pumped by a recent discovery. A once-lofty opportunity presented, and I was eager to see if I could fulfill it. Read more…

Internet: Unbound


On Tuesday my brother picked up a router from what I can only assume was Best Buy. For the first time since my upstairs neighbors had moved out, we had wireless (we’re now pretty certain we were stealing theirs, but they apparently didn’t care).

So. Awesome.

Consequently, I have spent the past two days or so glued to my laptop – and sadly I’m only lightly exaggerating – marveling in things that I wasn’t normally able to do. I can now Skype, and… Skype more! But I can also blog from my couch while my mom is on the desktop.

It occurred to that I haven’t logged onto the desktop since Monday night.

Eventually this will die down and I’ll start using my infinite (hyperbole) internet potential for productive things – writing, composing, file management, communication etc. Eventually the novelty of being able to Sporcle in the kitchen will fade. But until then I’ll have my fun.

There was a point, before my brother left for a friend’s house, that each of us (I, my brother and my mother) was on a different computer – Jack and I on our respective Macbooks, Mom on the desktop.

We are indeed a wired family which now needs no wires.

And the folder “grows”


I do most of my songwriting on my computer. Some of my songs were originally written on paper – in fact, “Kitty”, the only one I really really REALLY like, was written entirely on a sheet of printer paper. But for the most part, I open up a TextEdit document on my MacBook and type up rough sketches, editing over the course of several days/weeks/months. Read more…

As Un-Awkward As Possible


To put it bluntly, I have shitty luck with relationships.

I don’t enough fingers to count my many one-way crushes – crushes which have ended with me accepting that x man is not interested in me, and that I have to move on. It’s always sad, but it’s never been a permanent obstacle.

In a car ride with my best friend Doug (who, incidentally, was once a very big crush of mine), I was going over my bad luck with relationship. And we both had a realization (years of such awesome bromance as ours has resulted in frequent bouts of hivemindedness between us): Despite my numerous “failed” attractions, I was still on good terms with almost every one of them. An exception here and there, and a few “unsures”, but, for the most part, it was true. And, for the most part, it remains true today.


I can’t exactly explain it; I don’t know if it is my crippling fear of social awkwardness (particularly with people I care about) or some common denominator in my past crushes or just plain charm on my part. But for whatever reason, I am on good terms with most of my crushes of the past. Hell, I consider at least three of them to be some of my best friends in the world.

I suppose questioning it too much is a rather fruitless effort. I don’t think I’ll ever know WHY I’m so good (or so it would appear) at keeping things as un-awkward as possible. I’m sure one day there will come a crush whom I can’t see on the street without having to stifle the urge to cry/look the other way/fume/punch someone. But as yet such a crush hasn’t really come along. So I count myself.

On even fewer fingers, I can count the number who’ve been attracted to me when I’ve not felt the same way. I can only wonder if these people dealt with it in the same way. I’m not sure if they did, as with almost all of them our contact has been virtually cut off. But maybe that was for the best, you know? Maybe we just weren’t compatible, and the unrequited feelings really did break our interaction beyond repair.

Too often am I the boy on the right - being consoled by generous kisses from... girls. Blegh.

Love is all you need.